TradingView Free Trial + Discounted Upgrade Trick


In order for you to maximize your trading potential utilizing the K2 Trading Strategy and K2 Trading Indicator, I highly recommend you are using a PRO+ account as I explain and demonstrate the different TradingView plans in the video below.

If you are currently on the Free Basic Plan and would like to try out the premium paid plans, I've figured out a little kept secret that you can follow in order to receive access to any of the premium plans for 30 days. Then if you decide to upgrade, you will receive a substantial discount, just follow the steps below:

FIRST, clear your computer cookies and history, this way TradingView will think that you are a brand new user and won't flag you as a previous user as previous users cannot access this deal.

SECOND, click here TradingView 30-Day Free Trial + Discounted Upgrade and create a new account.

THIRD, go to your profile and click on the free 30-day trial upgrade and choose which plan you would like to upgrade to for 30 days (you can switch between plans during this period, so feel free to try out the most expensive plan if you'd like).

LASTLY, if you decide to upgrade to the paid plan before your free 30-day trial is over, you will receive a discount at check out. Additionally, the remaining trial days you have not used will be added on top of your premium subscription so you will not lose any of those premium days.

**WARNING** I do not recommend you continuously do this more than 2 or 3 times to basically use the paid platforms for free, as TradingView will catch on and ban your accounts.

Once you start using the K2 Trading Strategy and being you' be able to cover the costs of a PRO+ account in only a few trades so upgrading should not be an issue for you at all when you weigh the benefits of just upgrading.


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